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This scholarship is based on the belief of education as the initial foundation to defeat poverty and break systematic barriers. It provides an opportunity for growth in your current career or as a way to enrich your life, your family's life, or your community.


Any single parent household, New Castle or Silt resident, Household income less than $40,000.00/year

About Crystal Mariscal

This scholarship is important to me since my story relates to many out there seeking hope for a better future. I became a mother at a very young age and ultimately a single parent of four kids. In the process I also overcame domestic violence. Unfortunately due to all of these circumstances I didn't have the opportunity to finish school like an average teenager or young adult would.

Years later, I slowly started taking classes and trainings in order to seek better opportunities. Such as traveling to Canada, Montana, Texas and many other places in order to enhance my career. I was able to accomplish all of this thanks to the many job opportunities I've had. This scholarship was a way to pay it forward.

2021 Scholarship Recipient


Cindy Kelly, New Castle, Colorado

Cindy is attending CSU-Global and working towards a degree in accounting. 

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